Portfolio Optimization
& Management
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Portfolio Optimization & Management

Achieve your organization’s targeted objectives by optimizing your project portfolio and forecasting all possibilities related to costs, benefits, and outcomes for an asset life cycle perspective.

DIREXYON Suite’s Portfolio Optimization & Management Module enables you to select the best combinations of projects encompassing all your resource and financial constraints for an optimized delivery plan. As the only solution with the ability to perform stochastic-combinatorial optimization, it leverages an AI-based optimization algorithm applied over Monte Carlo simulation.
Run what-if scenarios to optimize your portfolios against different sets of constraints and achieve targeted levels of service at the lowest cost. Find the right balance between costs, benefits, and outcomes while considering the risk tolerance of decision-makers.
Consolidate disparate systems and augment collaboration in a user-friendly, spreadsheet-like environment with full governance capabilities. Create, edit, and manage your projects and portfolios through user-defined configuration panels that do not require any programming.

DIREXYON Suite Portfolio Optimization
& Management benefits

Portfolio Optimization and Management

Better-informed decisions through an optimized project delivery plan

Apply uncertainties on costs, benefits, and timelines. Find options with the highest probability of achieving expected outcomes, while accounting for the risk tolerances of decision-makers.
Consider all applicable portfolio constraints (i.e., project interdependencies, project timelines, etc.), and apply decision-making policies through stochastic-combinatorial analysis. Assess project benefits in terms of environmental (carbon emission reduction, noise reduction, biodiversity, etc.), health & safety, business continuity, and other performance indicators.

Evaluate impacts on costs, benefits, and outcomes and analyze the marginal impact of individual and/or group of projects from a risk/return perspective.

Agility in tackling contingencies

Readjust and reoptimize plans for unforeseen events and issues, incurred costs and achieved benefits/outcomes. Test your risk tolerance and assess impact on delivery plans from a risk/return perspective.
Leverage stochastic-combinatorial analysis to generate ranges of possible unexpected events based on advanced analytics to produce realistic forecasts.

Update delivery plans quickly for in-flight changes based on the most accurate information. Assess marginal impact of unexpected events and get optimized delivery plan based on your risk tolerance.

Portfolio Optimization
Portfolio Optimization and Management

Centralized and flexible portfolio planning

Build organization-wide, integrated management processes and maintain a full audit-trail. Update your framework for costs, benefits, and outcomes following the evolution of organizational objectives and asset management goals.
Create customized and easy-to-maintain project and portfolio templates using spreadsheet-like configuration panels without any required programming. Configure your own reports by aggregating and consolidating information at any level of granularity.

Empower your organisation with integrated project and portfolio management process capabilities with security, transparency, and auditability. Deliver to stakeholders a future-proof solution that can be updated as an iterative activity, as part of a continuous improvement process.

Adherence to recognized standards

Facilitate compliance with standards, such as ISO 55000, by formalizing your project and portfolio management and optimization processes. Produce optimized delivery plans backed by strong analytics to help justify your decisions to stakeholders and regulators.
Link back results to data and reconstitute the entire decision process in full transparency, thereby rendering your results easily auditable.

Implement recognized best practices, take full ownership of the solution, and ensure your planning activities are part of an ongoing improvement process to deliver sustainable outcomes.


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Portfolio Optimization & Management

Select the best combinations of projects encompassing all your resource and financial constraints for an optimized delivery plan.