Asset Investment
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Asset Investment Planning

Optimal decisions require an agile solution like DIREXYON Suite’s AIP module, which offers clarity on the scenarios of an asset’s life cycle.

By weighing the pros and cons of various possibilities, and balancing risk/cost/service, decision makers can justify capital investments. Create drag-and-drop decision trees without any programming expertise.

Optimize Spending via an Asset-Centric Approach

Forecast asset evolution and cost behaviours via stochastic-combinatorial analysis, factoring in constraints, uncertainties, and synchronization of cross-asset interdependencies. Run what-if scenarios to quantify risk on the short-, medium- and long-term. Leverage Monte Carlo simulation to assess a range of possible outcomes over your assets’ life cycle.
Become empowered to make optimized decisions affecting levels of service, rate base stabilization and desired infrastructure safety and reliability at the lowest cost.

Simulate asset life cycle, so you can virtually test future capital investment strategies to assess the impact now on the long-term.

Optimize your CAPEX/OPEX Strategy

DIREXYON Suite’s strategic AIP module encompasses modularity, transparency, digitalized expertise/policies. It enables predictive analytics for CAPEX/OPEX optimization amid the challenges and constraints of aging assets.
Monitor individual asset evolution within the network via simulations of hypothetical scenarios, accounting for your risk tolerance and sustainability goals.

Strategically tackle budgetary cuts and investment gaps.


Adhere to Regulatory Standards

Facilitate regulatory compliance with the ISO 55000 asset management standard for industry best practices. Link back to data sources and reconstitute calculations in full transparency, thereby rendering your results easily auditable.

Deliver stakeholder value with data security, transparency, and auditability.

Perfect Balance:
Risk, Cost & Performance

DIREXYON Suite yields sustainable annual cost savings of 20-30% over an integral asset life cycle for a consistent level of service.

DIREXYON Suite Modules

Asset Investment Planning Module

Asset Investment Planning

The ultimate strategic combo-pack of decision-support, predictive analysis & simulation modules solutions.

Portfolio Optimization & Management

Select the best combinations of projects encompassing all your resource and financial constraints for an optimized delivery plan.