MODEX Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) solutions nowadays are agile, customizable and cloud-based. Migrate comfortably from the comfort zone of your daily spreadsheets and standalone databases. Gain precious time and precision in analyzing and forecasting your company’s next moves.

With MODEX, financial performance management now presents itself as a single source of truth, and cloud-based solution for exchange of real-time information. It automates your business processes, therefore, improving efficiency.

FP&A Software

MODEX helps you accelerate FP&A beyond the spreadsheet

Beyond financial insights, MODEX enables you to extend your new FP&A projects into other critical areas of unified enterprise planning and collaboration, business process automation, and Business Intelligence (BI) analysis.
MODEX offers collaborative planning, budgeting, analysis, reporting, and forecasting. Your projects will be more rapid and accurate. MODEX enables a stellar financial performance management based on best practices of collaboration, business process automation, regulatory reporting, scenario modelling, and actionable business insights to decision-makers. MODEX complements your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems by globally centralizing your financial data, assisting you in simplifying complex processes and constraints that may be difficult to integrate into an ERP system or others.

MODEX enables your organization to:


Centralize information in the cloud to improve internal productivity and to offer more details, more often.


Streamline business processes.


Customize functionalities to your requirements.


Control the decision-making processes (by access levels).


Ensure company approval processes are respected.


Integrate data from different sources (SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Access, etc.).


Produce advanced reports using a secure and collaborative approach.

MODEX’s Analytic/Forecasting capabilities

Analyze and assess the impact of your decisions via MODEX’s customizable approach to managing a wide array of financial areas, such as:


Simplify, unify, accelerate, and optimize your business processes, including budget planning, and financial statement production. Enable risk quantification, scenario comparison, project profitability assessment, risk/sensitivity analysis, and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
modex Financial Forecasting Framework

Financial forecasting framework

Automate your manual processes and enable reporting and data analysis to standardize them across all business units.
modex Payroll module


Forecast payroll for the current and following year. The payroll data (cost center, personnel numbers, position, etc…) can be imported into MODEX from any data source. Users can determine various types of parameters in the payroll forecasting process, such as inflation rates, salary increases/bonuses, overtime, incentive pay, and number of working days.
Contract Award module

Contract award

Customize MODEX to match your contracting processes. Obtain an “at a glance” overview to follow up on the progress of contract awards.
portfolio module

Portfolio management

Improve your overall portfolio management with a centralized source of information. Automate your manual processes to make better-informed decisions.