Municipal Asset Investment Planning

Municipalities face multiple sustainability challenges as population booms and levels of service must upkeep its roads, water mains and wastewater pipelines. Life must proceed with minimal disruptions, while planning for taxpayer value and the uncertainty of asset degradation over time.

Timely and optimal decisions require a flexible Asset Investment Planning (AIP) solution that can evolve over life cycle decades and be handled by decision-makers without any programming skills. Decisions-makers must continually leverage the organization’s collective expertise, innovation, and vision.

AIP embodies modularity, transparency, digitalized expertise, and predictive analytics for CAPEX/OPEX optimization amid challenges involving resource limitations and aging infrastructures. AIP solutions scope out profitable, evidence-based strategies. They assist in targeting levels of service, stabilizing rate bases, and achieving the desired infrastructure reliability at the lowest cost.
How does AIP helps cities achieve long-term sustainability?

City of Montreal

The City of Montreal spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on maintaining and renewing its water supply (water mains), wastewater (sewer) and roadway (pavement and sidewalks) infrastructure.

Municipal Asset
Management Challenges

Municipal Asset Management - Aging Infrastructures

Strategic Trajectories

Decision makers are constantly seeking more optimized ways to achieve informed investment decisions regarding a municipality’s aging infrastructures, such as roads, water mains, wastewater pipelines, and their interrelated assets. While targeting current financial (CAPEX/OPEX) and physical (asset reliability and performance) objectives, the focus is to urgently act upon initiatives, such as more sustainable potable water, stormwater, and wastewater systems, to ensure public health and safety.
Municipal Asset Investment Planning - Desired Service Levels

Desired Levels of Service

Capital investment backlogs are accumulating to the billions or trillions of dollars in some roads, water mains, and wastewater pipelines. Maintenance backlog mitigation and proper asset investments for optimizing levels of service on the short-, medium-, and long-term, is therefore vital. The right decision at the right time is top priority.
Municipal Asset Investment Planning - Aging workforce

Workforce Turnover

As retirement and transferring out loom, safeguarding and automating subject matter expertise becomes imperative. This way, precious knowledge can be captured, formalized, and centralized.

Solves Municipal
Asset Investment

DIREXYON Suite enables you to virtually simulate and discern the most profitable investment scenarios impacting municipal infrastructures. Advanced predictive analytics include uncertainties that would not otherwise be adequately accounted for. Be empowered to optimize decisions affecting levels of service, budgetary and resource constraints, while considering climate-related targets and other factors.

DIREXYON Suite benefits

Resilience and Sustainability

Augment operational resilience. Ensure asset health, safety, and reliability decades ahead, while simulating climate-related scenarios (i.e., carbon emissions) and other uncertain degradation factors.

Achieve Desired Levels of Service

Forecast asset evolution and proactively manage risk, while contributing to mitigation of potential service disruptions. Simulate asset evolution and apply decision policies digitalized from your organization’s expertise. Synchronize interventions with cross-asset work-bundling rules and simulate strategies with applicable constraints. Balance levels of service, risk, costs, and infrastructure sustainability.


DIREXYON Suite optimizes capital and operational expenditures, helping you make decisions that could improve asset sustainability and carbon footprint.

Data Transparency & Visibility

With specialized workforce retiring or transferring out, DIREXYON Suite safeguards institutional knowledge and experience by digitalizing decision policies in the form of drag-and-drop decision trees that are easily understood and handled in complete transparency without any programming skills required. Simplify auditing processes with full capabilities for reconstruction of all calculations and results. Benefit from a selection of diverse strategic trajectories that will facilitate rate case management.

Asset-Centric Simulation

DIREXYON Suite leverages a single source of truth to consolidate disparate systems and reduce the silo effect. Simulate asset evolution to assess the impacts of various investment scenarios on maintenance deficits and levels of service.

Perfect Balance:
Risk, Cost & Performance

DIREXYON Suite yields sustainable annual cost savings of 20-30% over an integral asset life cycle for a consistent level of service.

DIREXYON Suite Modules

Asset Investment Planning Module

Asset Investment Planning

The ultimate strategic combo-pack of decision-support, predictive analysis & simulation modules solutions.

Portfolio Optimization & Management

Select the best combinations of projects encompassing all your resource and financial constraints for an optimized delivery plan.