Asset Management​

DIREXYON Suite helps you overcome the critical challenges of asset-intensive industries. Gain long-term visibility on asset evolution and life cycle risks for your capital investment and maintenance strategies. Make the right decisions at the right time to preserve the safety, reliability, performance, and sustainability of all your assets.

DIREXYON Suite Modules​

DIREXYON Suite’s modular approach to sustainable asset management helps you leverage predictive analytics for your aging infrastructure and related financial constraints. Simulate asset evolution to assess the impacts of various investment strategies, such as on levels of service, maintenance deficits, and various types of risks.

Asset Investment Planning Module

Asset Investment Planning

The ultimate strategic combo-pack of decision-support, predictive analysis & simulation modules solutions.

Portfolio Optimization & Management

Select the best combinations of projects encompassing all your resource and financial constraints for an optimized delivery plan.

DIREXYON Suite Benefits & Results

Explore profitable, evidence-based strategies with DIREXYON Suite. Achieve desired levels of service, stabilize rate bases, and attain infrastructure reliability at the lowest cost through:

Strategic Tackling of CAPEX/OPEX Challenges

Budgetary cuts and investment gaps are mitigated when you can optimize the performance of aging assets. Track them by type and synchronize maintenance and investments with cross-asset interdependencies, so you can avoid redundant efforts and costs.

"What if" Scenarios

Simulate and explore the pros and cons of long-term asset investment strategies, so you can contextually justify your decisions and desired outcomes.
montage decision tree

Drag & Drop, Easy-to-Use Decision Trees

Digitalize subject matter expertise and policies to speed up decision-making in alignment with your corporate objectives. Safeguard knowledge in preparation for expertise retention and workforce shortages due to retirement or transfers.

Compliance to Regulatory Standards

Deliver stakeholder value with ISO 55000 asset management best practices, governance, security, transparency, and auditability.

Perfect Balance:
Risk, Cost & Performance

DIREXYON Suite yields sustainable annual cost savings of 20-30% over an integral asset life cycle for a consistent level of service.