Engineering the impossible. Financing the possible.

The DIREXYON platform democratizes access to complex financial modeling. Find the most profitable and feasible options, for your organization in the short, medium and long term.

4 reasons to choose DIREXYON


Find the best options

Find the most advantageous investment strategies for managing your assets, using a real options valuation approach based on stochastic combinatorial analysis techniques. Optimize your decision making by taking into account all your constraints and obligations: budgets (CAPEX/OPEX), service levels, manpower, performance indicators (KPIs), etc.


Digitize your organizational expertise

Formalize and digitize your organization's decision-making expertise and ensure its sustainability through simple and intuitive decision trees.

Model without any line of code

Become totally autonomous thanks to the user-friendly drag & drop interface of the DIREXYON platform, designed to be easily used by your teams, even if they have no programming knowledge.


Simulate all probable futures

Simulate probable futures in order to analyze and interpret all potential outcomes and plan accordingly. DIREXYON's Monte-Carlo simulation engine will provide you with a clear picture of what may be in store for you in the future.


Other reasons to choose DIREXYON

Get results quickly

Get answers to strategic questions in minutes with DIREXYON, the best ally for decision makers who need to test multiple scenarios and answer the question “What if...?”.

Consider all decision-making criteria

Find the most profitable and feasible options, based on the factors that matter to you, whether it is taking into account costs, profitability, feasibility or risk management, for example.

Justify your strategies in a transparent way

Trust in the results obtained by saving all simulation data. The DIREXYON platform allows the reconstruction and auditing of all calculations performed with complete transparency.


Service and support

You can count on our team of experts in modeling and simulation, from the fields of engineering, finance and artificial intelligence, to support you from the implementation of the platform to the training of users. We offer technical and functional support to meet your needs, as well as a personalized and customized after-sales service.