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The latest, most secure cloud-based technologies



We work with several large companies and have passed many rigorous security and standards audits. Our Cloud architecture uses services certified by several standards such as SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, etc.


Software as a Service – SaaS

The DIREXYON platform is software as a service (SaaS) and takes advantage of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) scalable hosting technologies. With many advantages over dedicated server hosting solutions, AWS hosting offers faster configuration, transparent upgrades, lower customer costs and increased scalability (unlimited multiprocessor processing, parallel simulations, etc.).


Big data

The framework and architecture of the DIREXYON platform have been designed to manage and store the huge amounts of data consumed and generated during simulations. In addition, to ensure full transparency of the results, all calculations can be reconstructed for audit and validation purposes.


Dashboards and reports

The DIREXYON platform supports a variety of geographic information systems (such as ESRI's ArcGIS) as well as Google Maps. It can produce dashboards and reports for all levels of users. It is possible to automate the transfer of results to the client's systems through an integrated REST API.