A new age of business process management is dawning

It’s high time a business process management solution adapted to your company, not the other way around. Discover MODEX.

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What does MODEX have in store for you?

You can count on MODEX to simplify, consolidate and accelerate your business processes, including financial and budget planning, contract portfolio management, project portfolio management, and the production of financial statements. In addition, through our consulting services, we can cater to every aspect of your company’s specific and changing needs.

Tailor-made solutions

Whether you’ve chosen one or several of our management solutions, you can rely on our financial modeling experts to help you tap into their full potential.

Financial planning

Automate your manual processes and standardize them across all business units thanks to this solution. You won’t believe how much time you will save, or how much easier it will make your life.

Contract awarding

This solution can be customized to match your contracting processes. It allows you to obtain a general overview at a glance to follow up on the awarding of contracts and their evolution.

Portfolio Management

Improve your overall portfolio management with a centralized source of information and by automating your manual processes to make better-informed decisions.

Other solutions

Quantification of risks, scenario comparisons, project cost-effectiveness assessments… Find everything you need to optimize your business processes and your company’s sustainability.

Our consulting services
Do you wish to improve your business processes or implement one of our solutions within your company? We are happy to discuss it with you.

Why choose MODEX?

In addition to helping you plan quicker and acquire greater accuracy, MODEX provides you with integrated management of your business processes. No more running around trying to obtain real figures or generate a reliable and defensible financial picture. It’s all there, in real time.

Completely customizable
Can link up with any system
Easy to use

A reliable, tried-and-tested solution

With MODEX, take advantage of the latest cloud-based technologies that respect the highest security standards, to meet the needs of your company and the requirements of your business processes.