Real-estate park

Develop a long-term, integrated and efficient management strategy at the lowest cost.

Are schools, high schools, universities, garages, hospitals, service centers, etc., part of your asset base? Do they no longer offer the desired levels of service and do they face high maintenance deficits? With DIREXYON, perform complex asset-based modeling, taking into account the dependency relationships between varied equipment and the buildings themselves. Value the different intervention options and choose the optimal strategy for maintaining your assets.


What you can achieve with DIREXYON:

  • Assessment of the maintenance deficit and catch-up strategy
  • Asset prioritization and criticality measurement
  • Current status of assets and projection for the future
  • Strategic investment plan and short-, medium- and long-term asset renewal plan
  • Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX according to the constraints in place
  • Multi-active modeling and effects of work synchronization
  • Modeling of dependencies (physical, functional, sectoral, objective, etc.)
  • Projection of infrastructure degradation and failures
  • Effects of maintenance work and maintenance regimes
  • Risk framework, impact rating and risk monetization
  • Optimization of service levels in the short, medium and long term
  • Evaluation by real options of the most profitable strategies