Maintain and renew your infrastructures at a lower cost.

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation. The DIREXYON platform offers unparalleled modeling power and flexibility to test and validate multiple investment strategies. Produce realistic scenarios to find the most cost-effective physical and financial options to maintain and renew your infrastructure and ensure its sustainability.


What you can achieve with DIREXYON:

  • Strategic investment plan and short-, medium- and long-term asset renewal plan
  • Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX according to the constraints in place
  • Multi-asset modeling and work synchronization
  • Control of network continuity indexes (reliability and security)
  • Transition from time-based to risk-based management
  • Analysis of customer behaviors and consumption habits
  • Supply management and optimization
  • Evaluation by real options of the most profitable investment strategies

We are adaptable, adjustable & applicable for all.

Discover how we can help you in particular:

Electricity and gas

Transport and distribution

Are you facing major challenges with the increasing imposition of analytic-based norms and standards by regulatory entities? Do you need to quantify risks and propose long-term strategic plans for the maintenance and sustainability of your infrastructure? The DIREXYON platform allows you to rigorously and transparently justify current and future CAPEX and OPEX needs, in addition to measuring their potential impact on prices.

What DIREXYON has to offer:
  • Complex network modeling and risk measurement at the asset level
  • Forecasts of the evolution of asset condition and default probabilities
  • Assessment of the effects of maintenance and servicing on equipment degradation
  • Risk quantification: risk framework, monetized risk, risk matrix, industry best practices (e.g. ISO 55000, etc.)
  • Financial modeling and impacts on the rate base
  • Justification of requests to regulatory entities

Renewable energy

Solar, wind, geothermal

More and more companies are asking to be supplied partly or exclusively with renewable energy, while a growing number of consumers are beginning to turn to self-production. With DIREXYON, you can develop complex models to assess the return on investment of your projects and implement network infrastructures incorporating the latest technologies.

What DIREXYON has to offer:
  • Analysis of major equipment renewal projects (e.g. repowering)
  • Modeling, simulation and impact of failures
  • Evolution of component performance (nominal vs. actual) and degradation
  • Top line revenue analysis and cost optimization
  • Ancillary services and network impact
  • Corporate PPPs and spot markets
  • Storage and technical evolution of networks
  • Production and consumption model at the asset level
  • Management of the imbalance between production and consumption time slots

Smart Grid

Do you wish to set up a smart grid to both increase efficiency and reduce losses? Do you want to rely on innovative storage sources that optimize electricity flows at each node? DIREXYON is the solution! Perform sophisticated modeling of all the equipment in your current and future network while taking into account all elements of interdependence.

What DIREXYON has to offer:
  • Network modeling at the finest node size
  • Production and distribution modeling (supply and demand)
  • Introduction of different technologies (solar, wind, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, etc.)
  • Storage and technical evolution of networks
  • Prioritization of consumption needs
  • Financial modeling, revenue analysis (top line) and cost optimization