Our world-class modeling platform brings you ahead of the curve.

Features that will make you stand out


Stochastic combinatorial approach

DIREXYON's modeling approach combines real option techniques (finance), Monte-Carlo simulation (probability) and combinatorial analysis with multiple decision criteria (decision trees).

Decision trees

The DIREXYON platform's easy-to-read decision trees (flowcharts) simplify the design, reading and communication of decision-making policies. Given the ease with which they can be modified, testing and validating new scenarios is child's play.


Asset-based simulation

The DIREXYON platform highlights a granular, asset-centered modeling approach, where individual asset behavior is simulated and projected over a short-, medium- and long-term horizon (bottom-up decision trees).

Multi-asset cross-analysis

The multi-asset cross-analysis functionalities of the DIREXYON platform make it possible to model the different relationships between assets (hierarchical, physical, logical, functional, geographical, etc.), for a realistic modeling of decision policies and the synchronization of interventions on assets (top-down decision trees).

Other features designed and developed for you

Data integration

Importing data into the DIREXYON platform is easy thanks to the flexible integrated import wizard that can be adapted to the most common data sources like REST APIs or other ETL means. Data absence modeling techniques also make it possible to build on incomplete data sets in order to generate convincing results.

Easy to use

DIREXYON's drag & drop modeling approach democratizes access to complex modeling. The platform's user interface offers visual and intuitive representations of the interdependence relationships between various elements, accelerating modeling work and knowledge transfer.


Artificial intelligence and human expertise

DIREXYON's AI component is a complement to human expertise in the search for an optimal scenario. By delegating the repetitive process of finding an optimum to the DIREXYON platform, experts can focus on finding new and innovative strategies to manage their assets. AI (machine learning) also makes it possible to establish the behavioral profiling of the attributes that characterize an asset in order to simulate its future behavior.

Compliance with standards

Remain in compliance with your frameworks and organizational or international standards. DIREXYON's flexible modeling platform allows the implementation of any recognized standards or reference frameworks (NOMs, CNAIMs, ISO 55000, Uniformat classification, etc.).